As a Pharmacy owner or operator do you truly understand the strategic financial and non-financial indicators for the health of your business? Do you spend too much time in day to day menial tasks and not enough time working on the key performance elements and strategic direction for your business? The Godbee Favero Pharmacy Business Navigator Program was created to assist Pharmacy owners and operators to gain a greater understanding of those things in their business that, with little tweaks and changes, can have a dramatic affect on business performance and ultimately the value of the asset.

We have identified a selection of key financial and non-financial triggers that when analysed, reviewed and managed regularly, can provide greater control and understanding for owners and operators of successful Pharmacies.

Godbee Favero Pharmacy Package

What is the Pharmacy Business Navigator Program?

The Pharmacy Business Navigator Program is a great business intelligence offering that helps you find answers to critical business questions.

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Who is it for?

The Pharmacy Business Navigator Program is useful for any pharmacy that wishes to monitor, measure & improve business performance. We help you transform your accounting data into insightful, visual & meaningful reports and dashboards.

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Gain deeper insights

We provide you with  a suite of in-depth analysis and metrics bespoke to your industry which help you see exactly how well  your business is performing. These tools and metrics help to assess profitability, cash flow, growth and other key performance indicators.

Godbee Favero Pharmacy Package

Strategise where it counts!

The Pharmacy Business Navigator Program alerts you to focus on the perspectives that count. It assists with understanding your business and the strategic direction you need to take.

Gain transparency over:

• Profitability
• Efficiency
• Cash Flow
• Growth

Godbee Favero Pharmacy Package

Where is the cash?

Gain answers to the critical questions!

• Where has my cash gone?
• What’s left to invest?
• How much debt have I paid down?
• How can I improve this?

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